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Learning time: 3 years
Mode: full-time and part-time

We also accept students for the II, III, IV, V and VI semesters from other Learners throughout the academic year.


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| What is Modern Cosmetology?

Modern cosmetology is a scientific approach to beauty. The studies provide knowledge in the field of dermatology, cosmetics production, their distribution, and above all, skills allowing to perform unconventional treatments. During the education process, students use specialist equipment in a cosmetic workshop and laboratory. The university cooperates with such recognized brands as Dermika, M’onduniq, Semliac, Clarena, Nantes, Ziaja and Macon.

| What is new Modern Cosmetology?

The new study program - cosmetology is developing very dynamically and our studies are changing in order to meet the requirements of a modern cabinet. The new study program includes more practical hours, with special emphasis on hours spent in the cosmetics studio. We have also changed the layout of the objects over three years in such a way that students can participate in the full range of activities from the first semester of their studies. In the third semester, students declare a specialization area and they choose which subjects are the most interesting for them.


A graduate of our professional studies in the field of cosmetology - thanks to the education in the humanities, natural and social sciences and mastering complex practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of beauty care and inhibition of aging processes and health prevention - should have the qualifications necessary for proper planning and conscious conduct of care treatments and beauty and basic healing treatments. Being aware of joint responsibility for the health and appearance of the patient, he should exercise his profession with particular diligence, in accordance with the principles of professional ethics and appropriate legal regulations.

Cosmetologists are prepared to establish cooperation with companies producing cosmetic preparations (care and professional), as well as managing and managing the production processes of cosmetic preparations. They should participate in the systematic improvement of their professional level and knowledge through undertaking post-graduate studies, scientific research and acquiring academic degrees.
A graduate can continue his education at second-cycle (master's) studies.


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